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Here’s your chance to become a Life-Skills Trainer

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Ever wanted to be a life-skills trainer? To create a positive impact in society, get yourself certified and boost your resume? Here is the perfect opportunity.

Seshan’s Academy Infinity comes to Chandigarh, Punjab with its Certification Programme in Life Skills Training.

  • Learn to develop content and deliver workshops
  • Become a Life-skills trainer/ coach
  • Uplift your training and counselling skills

Who can apply?

  • Those seeking to launch or re-start their career as a trainer
  • Practicing trainers and counsellors who want to boost their resume with certification
  • Students of counselling/ psychology/ HR looking to kick start their professional journey

For more information and registration, call NOW!

HarshVardhan Kaur: +91- 6239648645 or SAI Office: +91- 99886618011/ +91- 8884968398

Email:   OR

Workshop dates: 21-25 November, 2018

* Student discounts and Bulk discounts applicable.




Registrations are now open for our next batch of  Certification in Career Guidance and Counselling

Who can apply?

Aspiring counselors, Practicing professionals, students of Psychology/ Counseling.

The need of the hour in our education system is to equip children and parents with the insights needed to make an informed choice regarding their future course of study and chosen career path.

As a certified career counsellor, one is qualified to give guidance and direction to students and parents based on a systematic and scientific procedure.

Benefits of the Certification Course:

  • Certified participants can practice as an independent career counsellor on successful completion of the course
  • Learn to administer Psychometric Assessments
  • Select candidates will be given the opportunity to work with Seshan’s Academy Infinity on future projects


Minimum qualification: Undergraduate degree, with at least one paper in Psychology

Course Duration

45 hours (as per UGC guidelines)

Starting from 10th March 2018 – classes will be conducted on Saturdays (2pm- 5pm), Sundays(10am- 1pm) and select Public Holidays.


Providence Convent, Tavarekere Main Road, SG Palya, Bangalore- 560029


For Registration: 

Call: +91- 8884968398/ +91- 9886618011

Email:  /

Guest Writer Harsh Vardan Kaur Chahal writes on World Mental Health Day

This year the theme I’m choosing as an area of focus on World Mental Health Day is Mental health at the workplace. We always want our lives under control. We want to manage it all, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Well, you are never marked or judged on how much you have in control … Continue reading

Emotional Hygiene Workshop at Goodwill Christian College

Date : 22nd  September, 2017

Venue: Goodwill Christian College

Organised by: Dept. of Psychology

Recently, the Seshan’s Academy Infinity (SAI) team was at Goodwill Christian College, where MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer addressed a gathering of undergraduate psychology students on Emotional Hygiene. Speaking with enthusiasm and zeal, she told the students how to be aware of their emotional and social wellness, and discussed in detail how they can maintain good emotional hygiene. The session was filled with practical tools and guidelines on how to maintain stable relationships, and express emotions aptly. The students showed  keen interest, listening carefully, and learning through interactive activities. The highlight of Prof. Swarnalatha’s talk was the importance of developing an “attitude of gratitude” towards everything in life. The programme was very well received by the management and students alike.


“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” Seth Godin. Can we create a life we don’t need a vacation from? This is not to say that you shouldn’t go on vacations. Of course, traveling is fun…but, rather than only enjoying our life while on vacation, holiday, or weekend, we should strive to make our lives enjoyable every day of the week. Rather than seeing vacation as an annual opportunity to escape from life,why not sculpt a life you don’t need to escape from??

Once when Henry Ford was interviewed, he was asked about his favorite holiday destination. He thought for a while and answered that he had not taken a holiday in 12 years!!! He enjoyed his work so much that he never felt the need for a holiday. 

This is not easy,of course…but, it is possible.  It requires a change of mindset. We just need to be content and grateful for all that we have. We can be ambitious; not greedy. We can go on a vacation to enjoy; not to escape. 

Here is a famous saying from the Bhagavad Gita: “You have a right to action alone, never to its fruit. Your motivation should not be the fruit of action, nor should you be attached to inaction.” When Krishna says this, He is not advising inaction. On the contrary, He is calling for Selfless Action – the perfect blend of Ambition and Contentment.

Ambition is excelling in the act. Contentment is accepting the outcome. The act itself becomes the reward. When we follow this path, life becomes a long enjoyable vacation. 

From your thought processor….

Swarnalatha Iyer, Director,

Seshan’s Aacdemy Infinity.