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SAI P.L. and our work featured in Prajavani

Seshan’s Academy Infinity was featured in Prajavani’s supplement Metro, dated 18th August 2014.

The write-up by Ms. Anitha E titled Vikasanada Maarga (meaning, path to development) spoke in brief about the need and importance for Personality Development Programmes and why being “employable” is a function of more than just scoring good marks. The closing paragraph of the article cites some of the programmes conducted by SAI Pvt. Ltd. The article also quotes MD & CEo Swarnalatha Iyer, and features pictures from one of her Personality Development programmes.

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Featured hereunder is the English translation of the article, which we have created for the benefit of our readers.


The Path to Development

– Anitha E

It is found that sometimes academically strong students fall behind in establishing themselves professionally. At the same time, the so-called average students succeed to great heights professionally.

Most of us are aware how to dress appropriate to occasions. However, when it comes to the professional environment, many people are unaware of how to present themselves at an interview or a seminar or business meeting.

This has led many students and employees to seek training in personality development, resulting in more than 50 centers mushrooming in the city off late. Many who have received such training went on to become entrepreneurs.

A basic personality course would cover topics such as interview skills, email etiquette, communication skills, telephone etiquette, body language, interpersonal relationship and so on.

Interview skills

When attending an interview there has to be adequate preparation in terms of one’s dressing, body language, mannerisms and how to handle questions. It is important to avoid loud dressing so that the interviewer is not distracted.

It is true that the first impression is the best impression. Experts say that the way you present yourself at an interview has a lasting impression on the interviewer.

It is important for employees today to develop their communication skills, presentation skills and interpersonal skills in order to be good team workers.

Email etiquette

Freshers are taught the do’s and don’ts of writing official emails.

Telephone etiquette

Lack of proper telephone etiquette can lead to losses for both the individual and the organization. Nowadays, interviews are also conducted via telephone making it even more important to know how to present oneself on call.

Interpersonal skills

At the workplace it is imperative to know how to interact with peers, subordinates and seniors, and how to work in and build teams. It is also necessary to be gender and culture sensitive.

In addition to this, cross-culture sensitization becomes imperative for employees going overseas.

A basic personality development workshop is usually followed up with an Assertiveness Training Programme. This deals with aspects such as how to get work done from others, how to say “no” effectively and so on. Other training programmes conducted are: workshop on time management, workshop on stress management, and finding work-life balance.  Contact: 8884968398



Current Increase in DemandColleges impart only technical education needed for employment. They do not impart critical life skills. In order to be employable today, one needs to have good interpersonal skills. In order to meet these demands, private organistions conduct training programmes over the weekend for their fresh recruits. I regularly conduct workshops for organizations across the city. I also conduct employability training for college students.– Swarnalatha IyerMD, Seshan’s Academy Infinity


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Sexism at the workplace

In the light of recent debates and discussions around gender stereotyping, The Hyderabad Times ran an article on sexism at the work-place.

MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer was quoted in their feature- “… change the way we bring up our boys, and things will change.”

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