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Guest Writer Harsh Vardan Kaur Chahal writes on World Mental Health Day

This year the theme I’m choosing as an area of focus on World Mental Health Day is Mental health at the workplace.

We always want our lives under control. We want to manage it all, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Well, you are never marked or judged on how much you have in control or how much are you messing things up in life. What really matters is how well can you handle the “In control situation” and “Messed up situation”. Understand that life is beyond earning in general and way beyond financial gains alone. So here are some tips for you to handle these situations well and keep your mental health intact. 

Work can be pressurizing and demanding, remember your only purpose in life is not to earn but to live with a purpose of doing well for yourself and your loved ones.


Love yourself: it all starts with loving yourself, value yourself and you will never have any doubts about yourself. Be aware of your strengths and weakness, understand them and work towards helping yourself to grow and shine. Invest some time in you, talk to yourself and motivate yourself every day.


It will never be easy: many things will not turn out the way you planned them to be. Who said it will be easy? Always be prepared to welcome the unwanted and deal with it with an open mind.


Be thankful: the trouble starts with you not being happy for what you have. It’s not bad to acquire wealth or work for more of it. But, remember to always be thankful for what you have.









Manage your social life: remember to have a social structure of support apart from your family, so you know where to ease out.


Your most important accessory is your SMILE! So wear one, and rest assured you have conquered half the battle. 

No one remembers who you are or what your name is? All they remember is how you treat them. Treat everyone well, with respect and dignity.

 Love the idea that you were born on this planet with a purpose. Take control of your life and have fun everyday. And lastly, remember that it’s not others but you alone who control yourself. 

 Happy working …. Sometimes you need to take it easy.







– The author, Harsh Vardan Kaur Chahal, counselor and HR executive



Back to Teaching- MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer now visiting prof at IIPR

With effect from this academic year, MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer has assumed the role of visiting professor for the under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in Psychology at IIPR (Indian Institute of Psychology & Research).

Teaching has always been a driving passion for Swarnalatha. She has over 25 years of academic experience as Lecturer and Head of the Department of Psychology at Christ College (now, Christ University). With increasing work in the spheres of social development, enhancement of rural education programmes, counseling, training and organisational consulting over the past few years, teaching had taken a back seat for her. She is now extremely delighted to don the hat of a teacher once again.

“I gain immense satisfaction from teaching. I have a passion for the subject, and introducing the concepts to young minds, and  inspiring them to pursue the field is both challenging and extremely satisfying”

Swarnalatha will be available on campus two days a week, handling both theory and practical classes for UG and PG students.

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