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Training Services exclusively for Banks

Present day banking has become highly competitive and complex in nature. There is an old adage, “Customer is king”. To succeed in this buyer’s market scenario, banks need their branches to be strategic business units driven by energetic and enthusiastic staff at all levels. In the present era, as a response to competitive forces, there is an unprecedented trend in the banking industry towards improving customer service. Studies across the banking sector have indicated that quality of customer service acts as a major driver for customers’ delight and their retention in the banks.

Bank staff, by and large, is adequately trained and have sufficient expertise in the technology driven banking sector.  But, product and technical knowledge alone is not sufficient for delivery across the counters at branches. Attitudinal changes are required to keep the motivation and momentum going forward. A positive attitude can create that magic in the branch environment, which eventually will bring more customers and business growth leading to enhanced profits for the banks.

In this backdrop, it is very essential to keep the morale and motivational level of branch staff at the highest. The branch staff has to transform considerably to meet the challenges ahead and perform consistently in order to meet high expectation levels. We at Seshan’s Academy Infinity deliver focused and commercially valuable training, rooted in the key activities and behaviors that make the biggest practical difference to an employee’s performance in the banking industry. We employ specialist trainers, with extensive experience of teaching, coaching and guiding banking personnel at all levels of seniority from branch staff to executives.  Our highly interactive training interventions and leadership programs ensure that leadership and front-line teams at all levels have the skills, strategies, process and tools to achieve their objectives and implement the bank’s strategy in a competitive environment.

The various programs that we offer are :-

 1. LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME (for Branch Managers)

The single most critical aspect of any bank’s performance is the branch manager. We train branch managers to be LEADERS – an essential skill often forgotten in the focus on the banking process. We train managers to lead their teams, to manage people issues, to manage talent, and to act as a suitable role model for the next generation of leaders. With a strong base in the behavioural sciences, our training courses focus on developing delegates’ understanding of their leadership style, creating high performance teams,  sustaining  high performance cultures, building talent and capability and leading with authenticity. Course contents include:

  • Emerging trends in Banking
  • Achieving Business Excellence
  • Branch Liability Products with focus on CASA
  • Retail loan portfolio
  • MSME lending
  • Credit marketing
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Interpersonal Relationship Building
  • Planning for increased profitability
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Credit Management

2. TRANSFORM TO PERFORM (For all levels)

Training often focuses only on technical skills, and recruitment of staff often focuses simply on the ability of staff to understand and carry out processes.  We are experts in behavioral competencies – the means by which staff can achieve a more effective outcome by adopting certain conversational styles, and being better attuned to the other person’s preferred conversational style and personality. We deliver these competencies based on our standard methodology, or we can work within a competency framework already designed by your HR department. We also assist in leading the design and implementation of a tailored competency framework for the bank, and help the bank to use this for talent management and succession planning.


 (For executives in Scale 4 and above)

In today’s fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us manage, adapt and harness the power for professional success and personal excellence. Research has shown that success at home or work depends 85% on skills in human engineering while only 15% is due to technical knowledge. Everything we do involves the experiential triangle of thoughts, emotions and actions. In every situation our thinking, feeling and doing are always connected. So, the message is clear…..we need to use our thinking to manage our feelings before we take action.

This 2-day workshop, which is conducted by a trained and experienced Psychologist, will help you identify and recognize how your attitudes prevent you from reaching your potential. It will help you replace these with more useful attitudes, feelings and thoughts that can provide you with a powerful means of improving the effectiveness of your performance.


The banking and insurance sectors today offer more prospects for jobs for women – both qualitatively and quantitatively. However there are some common problems faced by women managers, officers and clerical groups in banking and insurance, in the course of their careers. These include the burden of the dual role, sexual harassment in the workplace, the refusal of men to accept women as colleagues or seniors, the need to work twice as well as men to gain recognition, and the lack of solidarity among women.

Women employees need a constant process of discussion and strategy formulation if they are not merely to respond to these changes, but to become more proactive, to make suggestions and changes to suit their short and long-term interests. Women in the banks today have to deal with a lot of issues and addressing them would ensure improvement in their performance. We offer specialized programs for women employees that focuses on helping them understand these issues and thereby deal with them effectively.

5. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BUSINESS (for employees at all levels/ for management & finance students)

This programme provides in-depth knowledge of the Forex business, which equips bankers to perform effectively on the job. The program covers:

  • Introduction to Forex Business
  • Impact of globalisation on the Indian Economy and Foreign Trade
  • Foreign Tarde policy: 2014-2019
  • Letter of credit: meaning, types and mechanisms
  • UCPDC, URC and Inco- terms
  • Exchange rate mechanism
  • Forward Contract and Derivatives Products
  • FEMA Guidelines for Exports and Imports
  • Export finance- pre and post shipment
  • Import finance- trade credits and more
  • Non resident deposit scheme
  • Forex remittance
  • SWIFT formats/ ECGC policies and guarantees

6. ORIENTATION/ INDUCTION PROGRAMMES (for newly recruited officers)

Research points out that new joinee induction programmes go a long way in increasing the retention of new employees, as they are more likely to commit to a longer term at the organisation. While it is imperative for the organisation’s HR team to conduct new-joinee orientations, our induction programmes add tremendous value to the bank as it familiarizes new employees with banking trends and contemporary industry practices, which ensure operational efficiency as new employees become productive sooner. Our Induction Programmes have an apt balance of technical as well as behavioural skills which empower new joinees to take on their new roles with a sense of committment. The programme includes:

  • Overview of the current trends in banking
  • Understanding personal role change & organisational expectations
  • KYC & AML guidelines
  • RBI guidelines for domestic deposits
  • Team work & leadership
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Banker- customer relationship
  • Overview of credit management
  • RBI guidelines on prudential norms (IRAC)
  • Non resident deposits
  • Marketing of bank’s products and services
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Customer Relationship Management


For more information, and a detailed presentation on our Training Services exclusively for Banks, get in touch now!



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