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School Enrichment Programmes

We have designed a whole range of services that are integral and complimentary to a child’s schooling. This includes Career Guidance and Counseling, Life-Skills Enhancement, Study- Skills Workshops, and Workshops for Teachers and for Parents. 

Research shows that students generally rely on their parents, teachers, friends and most often their academic performance for guidelines and suggestions regarding their career choice. However it is found that if a student chooses a career that is in sync with his/her attitude, Interest and Personality, s/he is likely to be more productive and successful in life. Thus, SAI has created programmes to foster an all-rounded holistic development of the child.

These programmes can be customized to suit the needs of every school, based on student strength, academic schedules and other management functions.

1. Career Guidance and Counseling:

Most students choose careers based on their marks obtained and not on what they are passionate about. At SAI we scientifically evaluate the students with the help of the aptitude-interest-personality-intelligence tests. It helps the student to identify their strengths, interest areas and personality vis-à-vis their career. We also train teachers and parents to identify the child’s aptitude and provide guidance accordingly.

Benefits of the SAI Career Assessment and Counseling Model: 

Understand Yourself

How will your strengths, talents, values and aptitude translate into interests that will influence your career choices? Will you excel in a 9 to 5 job or that which allows expression of your creative talents?

Take the career test. Understand yourself.

 Choose Study Streams

Arts, Commerce or Science after 10th?

What’s the right course for you after 12th?

Identify courses and study streams ideally suited for you. Find out where your education will take you.

Explore Careers

Explore career tracks that are right for you and your interests.

Doctor, engineer, lawyer, musician, designer … what would you rather be?

Explore, discover and choose.


2. Life-Skills Enhancement:

“You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you’ll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit.”

 At SAI we will provide students all the help they need with our comprehensive Personality Development Programs and Finishing School. They will develop the little things that could make a huge difference to their life and career. We will work on building their confidence, communication skills, teamwork, creativity and memory to help students look, feel and even think better!

3. Study-Skills Workshop for Students:

All students are aware of what to study and some know the ‘why’ of it too; but almost all students do not have the know-how of the technique of studying. As a result, they end up memorizing chapters for their exams which are conveniently forgotten immediately after! This type of rote learning does not help in creating a knowledge base and so handicaps the students in the long run. Our “study skills” workshop is designed to help the students learn effective methods of study which will keep them in good stead throughout their journey of learning.

4. Workshop for Parents:

Like all other relationships, even parents need the adequate skills to enhance their parenting experiences so as to make this process an exhilarating experience for themselves and their children. Through this workshop we aim to help parents raise thoughtful, happy and successful children through effective parenting.

5. Workshop for Teachers:

Research indicates that teachers tend to be motivated more by intrinsic rewards such as self-respect, responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment than by extrinsic rewards such as job security, salaries, and fringe benefits. This program will enhance the motivation of the teachers in the following ways:

• Realize their value and contribution to society
• Enhance their self-esteem and develop a positive attitude
• Teach them to deal with stress and frustration of the job
• Enhance their communication, interpersonal and classroom management skills

For a detailed presentation on our School Enrichment Programmes and how we can help you grow, get in touch now!


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