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Skills Enhancement for College Students

We offer a wide variety of self-development programs to Under Graduate and Post Graduate college students, aimed at cultivating important career-related soft skills. We aid the students in generating breakthrough results in their career with our transformational learning programs.

  1. Employability/ Placement Skills Training:

This program is for Under Graduate students to enhance their employability skills. It has been composed not only to enhance the career prospects of the job aspirant but also to trigger personal transformation and holistic development, which is fundamental to achieving greatness in one’s chosen field. The program has been designed to bridge the skill gap that exists, considering the needs of the industry and the supply by academia. This program aids the participants to continuously challenge themselves to tap into their own incredible power to produce startling results.

The modules which will be covered under this program are:

  • Campus to Corporate – Creating a Paradigm Shift
  • Spoken English (optional)
  • Communication skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Working in teams
  • Presentation skills
  • Positive mental attitude
  • E-Mail etiquette
  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Group discussion
  • Goal setting
  • Entrepreneurship skills

The training program will be filled with activities, exercises, games and group discussions. Psychometric testing will be conducted for the students to assess and understand themselves. Experts from the industry will be invited to interact with the students at various stages of the program. The training program will be followed by group coaching sessions. These follow-ups will help the students to reflect on their behavior, which will subsequently lead to workable solutions and improved efficiency.

  1. Life-Skills Enhancement:

“You need to play with supreme confidence, or else you’ll lose again, and then losing becomes a habit.”

At SAI we will provide students all the help they need with our comprehensive Personality Development Programs and Finishing School. They will develop the little things that could make a huge difference to their life and career. We will work on building their confidence, communication skills, teamwork, creativity and memory to help students look, feel and even think better!

  1. Study-Skills Workshop for Students:

All students are aware of what to study and some know the ‘why’ of it too; but almost all students do not have the know-how of the technique of studying. As a result, they end up memorizing chapters for their exams which are conveniently forgotten immediately after! This type of rote learning does not help in creating a knowledge base and so handicaps the students in the long run. Our “study skills” workshop is designed to help the students learn effective methods of study which will keep them in good stead throughout their journey of learning.

  1. Workshop for Teachers:

Research indicates that teachers tend to be motivated more by intrinsic rewards such as self-respect, responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment than by extrinsic rewards such as job security, salaries, and fringe benefits. This program will enhance the motivation of the teachers in the following ways:

• Realize their value and contribution to society
• Enhance their self-esteem and develop a positive attitude
• Teach them to deal with stress and frustration of the job
• Enhance their communication, interpersonal and classroom management skills

For a detailed presentation on our Skills Enhancement Programmes and how we can help you grow, get in touch now!


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