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Emotional Hygiene Workshop at Goodwill Christian College

Date : 22nd  September, 2017

Venue: Goodwill Christian College

Organised by: Dept. of Psychology

Recently, the Seshan’s Academy Infinity (SAI) team was at Goodwill Christian College, where MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer addressed a gathering of undergraduate psychology students on Emotional Hygiene. Speaking with enthusiasm and zeal, she told the students how to be aware of their emotional and social wellness, and discussed in detail how they can maintain good emotional hygiene. The session was filled with practical tools and guidelines on how to maintain stable relationships, and express emotions aptly. The students showed  keen interest, listening carefully, and learning through interactive activities. The highlight of Prof. Swarnalatha’s talk was the importance of developing an “attitude of gratitude” towards everything in life. The programme was very well received by the management and students alike.

Mentoring the Counselor- workshop update

On 6th August 2014, SAI Pvt. Ltd. conducted a workshop for the counselors at PPC worldwide.

PPC worldwide is an information, technology and health services company with global presence. They set up India operations solely to deliver Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to Indian and international companies. Their India operations, based in Bangalore, provide personal, legal and technical counseling to corporate companies.

MD & CEO Swarnalatha Iyer facilitated a training workshop for the counselors at PPC who deliver EAPs to clients. The workshop was aimed at up-skilling the counselors, giving them best practices and equipping them with methodologies for dealing with clients effectively. The workshop was specifically focussed on marital counseling needs.

As young entrants in the field of counseling, employees at PPC felt the need for the presence of a mentor who can guide them through the nuances of the process. This is where SAI Pvt. Ltd. stepped in to provide guidance and support in the form of a mentorship programme.

SAI Pvt. Ltd. also offers Certification Programmes in  Career Guidance and Counseling. For more details and registration, write to