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“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” Seth Godin. Can we create a life we don’t need a vacation from? This is not to say that you shouldn’t go on vacations. Of course, traveling is fun…but, rather than only enjoying our life while on vacation, holiday, or weekend, we should strive to make our lives enjoyable every day of the week. Rather than seeing vacation as an annual opportunity to escape from life,why not sculpt a life you don’t need to escape from??

Once when Henry Ford was interviewed, he was asked about his favorite holiday destination. He thought for a while and answered that he had not taken a holiday in 12 years!!! He enjoyed his work so much that he never felt the need for a holiday. 

This is not easy,of course…but, it is possible.  It requires a change of mindset. We just need to be content and grateful for all that we have. We can be ambitious; not greedy. We can go on a vacation to enjoy; not to escape. 

Here is a famous saying from the Bhagavad Gita: “You have a right to action alone, never to its fruit. Your motivation should not be the fruit of action, nor should you be attached to inaction.” When Krishna says this, He is not advising inaction. On the contrary, He is calling for Selfless Action – the perfect blend of Ambition and Contentment.

Ambition is excelling in the act. Contentment is accepting the outcome. The act itself becomes the reward. When we follow this path, life becomes a long enjoyable vacation. 

From your thought processor….

Swarnalatha Iyer, Director,

Seshan’s Aacdemy Infinity.


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