About Us

We are an enthusiastic bunch of change makers, driven by the vision of contributing effectively to nation building by empowering individuals and enhancing their skills and abilities.

We believe that any society becomes progressive when people help one another grow. We trust in the tradition of knowledge sharing and aim to leverage the skills and experience of established professionals to up-skill individuals and create a significant positive impact in their personal and professional lives.

Our Training and Development Solutions are designed at creating transformation in three key sectors:

1. School Enrichment Programmes

2. Skills Enhancement for College Students

3. Corporate Training Solutions

4. Personal Counselling

5. Customized Training Programmes for Banks

We at SAI dedicate ourselves to our core values of Sincerity and Integrity in all that we undertake. Our prime focus is to ensure that our target group/ audience benefits from the services provided. Hence, we offer a range of services that are customized to the needs of the target audience based on the nature of workforce, organizational culture and client needs. Every training module designed is unique to each client’s requirement, so you can rely on us to ensure maximum learning and support in implementation.



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